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U.S. Baptist Colleges and Universities

Perhaps you are one of the 100 million members of the Baptist denomination worldwide or perhaps you are just interested in an excellent education with an emphasis the teachings of Jesus Christ - either way,...

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Free Will Baptist Bible College, Tennessee USA | College ...

Free Will Baptist Bible College Info Request

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American Baptist College - Wikipedia

American Baptist College. The college was originally formed as a joint educational partnership between the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. The Southern Baptist Convention withdrew its one of the founding fathers of the College. At its annual meeting in 1993, the National Baptist Convention appointed a committee to investigate support of the college in...

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English Standard Version Translators

Bible Research > English Versions > 21st Century > ESV > Translators

ESV Translators

"The ESV publishing team includes more than a hundred people. The fourteen-member Translation Oversight Committee has benefited from the work of fifty biblical experts serving as Translation Review Scholars and from the comments of the more than fifty members of the Advisory Council, all of which has been carried...

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President - Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary ...

Dr. Sambhu Nath De is the President of the college. His wife is Molly and they have two daughters, Anita and Asha.

Dr. Sambhu Nath De

B. Com (Hons.) - Calcutta University, India

Th. M. - Northwest Baptist Seminary, Tacoma, WA, USA

Th. D. - Central Baptist...

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Football Camps USA

Abilene Christian - Football

Abilene Christian - Football

Abilene Christian Football Camps are held at Wally Bullington Practice Complex, the Shotwell Stadium and the Teague Special Events Center on the Abilene Christian University campus in Abilene, Texas. Abilene Christian Football Camps are led by Head Coach Ken Collums and the Wildcat Football coaching staff.

Albany State University -...

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Piedmont International University in USA - mbastudies.com

Piedmont International University. In 1945, Dr. Stevens established the Piedmont Bible Institute to accommodate returning war veterans eager to begin long-delayed Bible studies. Classes were held in the educational facilities of his church for a number of years. In response to the recommendation of mission boards and leaders in the field of Christian Education, the Bible Institute enlarged its...

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Staff Directory (Trinity Baptist College)

BS Health Profession Science - Pacific University

BA Church Ministries - Trinity Baptist College

OD Optometry - Pacific University

Served in the USAF as a medical corpsman for 9 years and as a doctor of optometry for 15 years for a total of 24 years.

On the faculty of Trinity Baptist College for 15 years.

Missionary with Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples since 2006.

Dr. Woods has been a TCA...

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History of MAG - Missionary Air Group

The history of Missionary Air Group, Inc., formerly Harvester's International Mission, is the story of God's bringing together a diverse group of people and ministries over a period of decades to accomplish what none of them could ever have dreamt of accomplishing alone.

This is the story of an organization that, initially under the leadership of Dr. Davis Goodman, was used by God to train pilots...

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Education & scholarships — American Baptist Home Mission ...

American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) is committed to providing and supporting educational opportunities that enable and empower American Baptist students and ministerial leaders to grow both personally and professionally.

The American Baptist Home Mission Societies' Financial Aid Program offers tuition scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs. This program is funded by investment income from endowments--donated by�generous...

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