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Rev. Tom Foskey - President

Rev. Foskey is the President of Baptist Institute of America and Seminary and also serves as one of�the professors. He is�the Pastor of Corinth Baptist Church in Loganville, GA where he has served on staff since 1978. During these years, he served as Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor. Rev. Foskey received a BS in�Theology from Baptist University...

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Testimonials of Ex-Christians: Former Fundamentalist with ...

by Ken Pulliam, Ph.D.

I was saved (trusted Christ and Christ alone) and baptized in an independent, Fundamental Baptist church ( Galilean Baptist Church ). Later I became a member of Forrest Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, GA , which was started by Curtis Huston, a former editor of the Sword of the Lord publication, the periodical originally begun by John R. Rice (Mr. Fundamentalist) in 1934.


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Date: 2018-03-05 18:27:28
Website: http://testimonials.exchristian.net

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