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i used to be a really good christian woman. �like one of the best. �i said the right things, did the right things, played nice. � the only problem was that what was on the outside & what was on the inside were two different things.

i believe evangelical christianity has created a lot of divided women .

women who are cut off from their desires. �who are pulling it together on the outside...

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We Are - South Christian Highschool

South Christian High School is not only a school providing a Christ-centered education for our son, it is also a warm, inviting family that has made us feel welcome as new members of the South Christian community.

We are thankful that the Lord led us to a school where God's Word is woven into the curriculum. It is our hope that our son's character continues to be molded daily at South Christian and that he will grow to be a man ready to be a light for Christ in today's world.


~South Christian Parent

My wife and I have always been supporters of South Christian. We are both graduates and have been a part of the South...

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A Good Christian Woman ... Not That One

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A Good Christian Woman ... Not That One

I'm Angela. I've been a sportswriter, a Lutheran pastor, a faith blogger, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend ... I've also worked retail and swiped cards at a health club. More than my career and even my family, I'm defined by a God who died and rose again. A God who loved me before I knew how to love.


The world is exploding, and everyone is afraid.


Austin's terrorization ended...

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Date: 2018-03-21 21:11:43
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The "Good Wife" | Today's Christian Woman

I had been crying regularly for three weeks when Michael gave me the ultimatum.

"Either you quit something or I'm going to quit it for you." His voice was filled with compassion, but it also carried an edge. "You're going crazy, Ann, and you're taking me with you."

I burst into fresh tears. "I can't quit anything, Michael! I have to work and I'm not quitting school and you know I'm not going to...

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