Unwanted beetroot among more than 1000 unwanted Christmas ...

Unwanted beetroot among more than 1000 unwanted Christmas gifts on Trade Me

Last updated�15:56, December 26 2017


Trade Me users have asked about the beetroot's warranty, whether the seller is a licensed beetroot seller, and if the beetroot is musically talented.

An unwanted beetroot from Taranaki, complete with a bow, is for sale on Trade Me.

More than 1125�unwanted Christmas gifts...

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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters (2014 edition ...

This years Christmas gifts list is coming out just in time. This year, I tried to focus on more affordable gift ideas than helmets and boots I have always had on the list in the past. There are still some higher dollar gifts, but most are within reason I think. . Take your time and look through them. If you are a firefighter, share this with your friends, family, and significant other!


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Top 10 money saving tips for Christmas | Central - ITV News

31 October 2016 at 11:37am

Top 10 money saving tips for Christmas

Top 10 money saving tips for Christmas

Credit: ITV News Central

ITV News Central has compiled a list of money saving tips as new research highlights concerns about our Christmas spending.

According to the Centre for Retail Research, the average household spent around £794 on Christmas in 2015 - nearly 60% of which was spent on...

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Quirky toys, games and electronics at the top of ...

With a clear wrapper, a plastic shell, and layers of packaging inside, one of this year's most popular children's Christmas gifts has been labelled the "toy of your capitalist nightmares".

The LOL Surprise toy contains seven layers of wrapping containing surprises like stickers and charms and a brightly coloured doll, of which there are nearly 80 to collect.

LOL Surprise dolls, which are one of...

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Tech Gifts Christmas 2015 - Cool Gadgets for Holiday Gifts ...

12 No-Fail Tech Toys for Every Gadget-Lover on Your List

Including you!

Drew Elovitz

When it comes to holiday gift giving, think of the tech category as your safety net: There truly is something for everyone. Whether it's a stylish new wearable or a game-changing gadget, there's nothing cooler than...

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For a Foodie | 2015 | POPSUGAR Food

What Our Food Editors Really Want This Christmas

We've scoured stores all year to find the best foodie-friendly gifts to give to your friends and family (and to...

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