Handy Tips and Hacks for Christmas Trees | Family Handyman

Planting a 'live' Christmas tree is an ambitious task. Its practicality depends on three things: (1) the climate you live in; (2) the size of your Christmas tree budget; and (3) how strong you are.

Live trees are sensitive. For a tree to have any chance of survival, it can't undergo extreme climatic changes. When a tree is brought into a warm home, it will react as if it's spring and start...

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Santa's Best 6.5' Green 137 Function LED Smart Tree - QVC

A magnificent centerpiece to your seasonal decor, this Santa's Best pre-lit Christmas tree offers lifelike green tips and 137 different lighting functions, ranging from classic holiday looks to brand-new color combinations. Its Intella technology allows for layered color customization, opening up a world of breathtaking and new light effects. And once you've found your favorite looks, you can...

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