Kingdom Development Institute-School of Business with A Biblical Worldview

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KDI, Is Much, Much More Than Just A Typical School of Ministry, School of Prayer or A Traditional Bible College. It is a "21st Century Bible College on Steroids!" KDI is an Accredited, "Accelerated School of Business, With A Biblical Worldview."

Training, Certification and Education Through Seminars, Lectures, Workshops & Online Learning.

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Jesus Said It - Indiana Bible College IBC - MARC

The Indiana Bible College Choir sings "Jesus Said It" during MARC 2009, or the Mid-America Renewal Conference.

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Recorded at Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, IN on September 11, 2009.

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Lake-Sumter Bible College Welcomes You!

Lake-Sumter Bible College is America's most affordable, accredited Bible college and seminary! We're here to help you in your spiritual journey.

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American Bible Baptist College & Seminary

America Bible Baptist College & Seminary at Virginia, USA

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America's Top Colleges, Bible Colleges

America's Top Colleges, Bible Colleges

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